SMT Volunteer Update Meeting Summary

Summary: SMT Volunteer Update Meeting – October 14, 2015

  1. Signage update & show and tell – Signage on the Arkansas Hills Trail System is being updated/improved. New posts are being installed and the first round of signs are ordered. Expect to see new trail name signs and trail maps signs by spring!
    SMT Signage
  2. BLM trails proposal update – Our current proposal for 12 miles of new trails on both the Methodist Mountain and Arkansas Hills Trail Systems are in BLM hands. BLM has to address all concerns raised during the (now closed) comment period. The BLM and SMT are hosting a meeting with hikers who had concerns about some of our new trails. BLM office is overloaded, but we continue to press for forward progress on our proposal.
  3. Cottonwood Trail update… great progress on the cottonwood trail. US Forest Service, Arrowhead Trails, Southwest Conservation Corps, SMT, and VOC projects are all helping move the project towards completion. Most work above the USFS boundary is completed. Work will continue on the worst washouts and erosion areas below the USFS boundary on BLM land.
  4. You are invited to a US Forest Service volunteer appreciation event on Thursday, November 12th 4:30-6pm at the USFS Salida Ranger District Office, 5575 Cleora Rd. RSVP to
  5. Projects for next year:
    • New trails on BLM (see BLM trails proposal update above) at Methodist Mountain and Ark Hills
    • Columbine Trail reroute near bottom trailhead
    • New trails on city/Lowry property
    • Finish work on BLM portion of Cottonwood
    • New signage on Methodist Mountain Trails system
    • F St. parking lot legal access – to our trail system. City of Salida is working with Union Pacific to make this happen.
  6. SMT Volunteer opportunities:
    • Board meetings – 4th Thursday of each month – Need new board members
    • Key contributors – You don’t have to be on the board to make significant contributions
    • Crew leaders – You don’t have to be a pro. We can help get you up to speed.
    • ShinDig coordinators – Always need more
    • PR help – Need person to do PR for monthly and special events
    • Monthly Shindig Trail work days – Reminder – 2nd Saturday of each month
    • Someone to startup weekday morning trail crews again?
    • If interested in any of the above, contact any board member or
  7. Thanks to Ray Kitson for the Boathouse Cantina and River’s Edge 1% program – $19k raised this year!
  8. Thanks to Absolute Bikes. Vapor Trail 125 endurance mountain bike race proceeds to SMT – $3k raised this year!
  9. Thanks to Chaffee County Running Club for race proceeds from the Run Thru Time Marathon of $5,786!
  10. Thanks to our partners and supporters (alphabetical order):
    • Absolute Bikes
    • Arrowhead Trails
    • Boathouse Cantina
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Chaffee County Commissioners
    • Chaffee County Running Club
    • City of Salida
    • Rivers Edge Bar & Restaurant
    • Salida Bike Company
    • Salida Mountain Sports
    • Southwest Conservation Corps
    • Subculture Cyclery
    • Tony Boone Trails
    • San Isabel USFS
    • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
    • SMT Board Members
    • All of our members
  11. Bike Park – Brief intro by Sasha – The Salida Bike Park group is in the process of organizing to create an all-ages, all-ability bike park in the town of Salida. They hope to create a bike park that is fun to ride for everyone from wee ones on striders to expert jumpers. For more information, please join here: