A big shout out to our very special partner The Boathouse Cantina. This locally owned downtown restaurant has created a voluntary one-percent donation program (from all of their sales) to benefit SMT’s trail construction efforts. How does it work?  An additional 1% is automatically added to the pretax food/beverage bill and patrons can opt out if they wish. In addition, The Boathouse Cantina contributes an additional 10% of the total collected from this program. Since inception in 2014, this program has provided over $75,000 directly to SMT!

This is a game changer for us! This has allowed us to contract for professional trail building services that would not otherwise be possible! Proceeds from this program substantially funded the newly redesigned Burnpile Trail, the new Chicken Dinner Trail, and all new signage for the Arkansas Hills Trail system! Please show your thanks by frequenting this awesome locally owned downtown restaurant, which is THE perfect spot for food and drink after a ride or hike.