Salida Mountain Trails Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are we trying to build trails near Salida, don’t we already have trails?

A: There are trails near Salida, and they are used on a daily basis by a variety of users in the area. But there are also new trails popping up all over. Some of these new trails pose problems because they are not planned. The BLM does not want new trails being built by people who have not discussed the project with them, some of the new trails cross private property, and many of them are too steep, unsustainable, rough, and difficult. We want to provide trails that BLM will find acceptable, and trails that will be easier and more enjoyable to use for a wide range of people.

Q: But I like steep, rough, and difficult trails!

A: In the end, whatever we build has to be sustainable so it can be maintained. It has to meet the land managers’ requirements. Steep, rough trails often do not meet these requirements. SMT may eventually work with land managers to build armored trails that can provide the level of difficulty desired by some. If these types of trails interest you, and you’d like to play a role in maintaining these over time, we would love to hear from you.

Q: Are these trails going to be used mostly by fast mountain bikers? Where will hikers be able to go without worrying about being frightened by mountain bikers?

A: There are many mountain bikers in Salida, and certainly the trail system will be used by mountain bikers. But the plan will include several features for facilitating safe and cooperative multiple use. Trails will be designed to keep bikers’ speed low and under control. As more routes become available, there will be less congestion, and there will be routes that are more conducive to hiking or other foot travel and others that are better for biking. It is the goal of Salida Mountain Trails to design a trail system that allows Salida’s friendly people to enjoy the kind of trail experience they want without conflict.

Q: Does Salida Mountain Trails work only on the trails plan for BLM land close to Salida?

A: No, Salida Mountain Trails is an advocacy organization that gets involved in issues related to trails in general. We are involved in stewardship projects on the Monarch Crest Trail, we have traditionally adopted the Silver Creek Trail, and do other work with the Salida Ranger District of the San Isabel National Forest.