Maintenance and Reroutes Completed on Rainbow Trail and Columbine Trail

All photos by Dani Cook
All photos by Dani Cook

What a most excellent ShinDig! This past Saturday, we had about 30 volunteers come out for a joint SMT/CCMR ShinDig on the Rainbow and Columbine trails.

Over the course of the morning, we reworked an extensive portion of highly-eroded trail on the Bear Creek section of the Rainbow Trail, and installed numerous drainage points. This will help make the trail more sustainable over the coming years.

On the Columbine Trail, we reworked an upper switchback to include a longer and higher berm, with a bermed entry into the switchback. This work was done to alleviate an abrupt and awkward transition into the tight turn and to minimize braking bumps. Finally, a short section of Columbine Trail was repositioned to create better flow, and a B line was established next to it to allow advanced riders a jump using natural features.

We still have much more work that we want to accomplish on both Columbine and the Rainbow trail, so please stay tuned for future ShinDig announcements.

Thanks to each and every one of the volunteers that came out from SMT and CCMR!