If you can’t find the time to work on the trail system, how about sending us some greenbacks?

We use donated funds to purchase trail building tools, liability insurance to cover our volunteers, match grants, and where conditions warrant to hire professional trail building crews. When we pay to have trail built, the costs run up to 6$ per foot! Over 5000 feet in a mile, it adds up.

In other words, money equals trails!

NEW: You can also now join SMT as a member and enjoy the many benefits.

Basic Donation $25 Donate
Family Donation $50 Donate
Major Donation $100 Donate
Huge Donation – includes our eternal thanks! $500 Donate
Donate What I Can Donate

Donate by Check – Send a check in any amount along with your mailing address to:

Salida Mountain Trails
PO Box 612
Salida, CO 81201

We will in turn send you a proper receipt.