We hold monthly core group / board meetings to handle our planning and organization. We also hold a larger volunteer update meetings quarterly. The larger volunteer update meetings are a great way to get acquainted with SMT, meet new folks and are open to all. Meetings are announced via our email mailing list and is easy to sign up for these type notifications (link here). If you wish to get more involved, our monthly core group / board meetings are also open. Just email us at salidamountaintrails@gmail.com for scheduling and your interests.

Volunteer Update Meetings:

Invitees:  Open to all of our existing and new volunteers!
  To provide a quick high level overview of current and future projects, and make available multiple ways to volunteer and get involved with SMT
  Quarterly – see our Calendar.  Meetings will start on time, and last no more than 1 hour.  Afterwards – socializing and general merriment!
  Each month’s location will be announced via email, Facebook, and our website.

Monthly Organizational Committee Meetings:

 Invitees:  Existing Initiative Leaders and also anyone wishing to join as a new/additional Initiative leader (see below for our initiatives).  We welcome new folks willing to work/lead!   
  Initiative Leaders are expected to meet independently to plan and make decisions for their area/initiative.  Bring well vetted agenda items to these meetings that require a decision/agreement of the Organizational Committee.  Vote on any/all decision matters.
Purpose:  Share significant updates with the committee from each initiative as needed.  Make any necessary decisions.  Queue up any and all volunteer opportunities for the larger monthly volunteer update meeting. Plan to ensure the larger monthly volunteer update meeting is effective.
Schedule:  Fourth Thursday of each month – see our Calendar.
Where:  Each month’s location will be announced via email to the initiative leaders. If interested in getting more involved, it’s easy!  Please email: salidamountaintrails@gmail.com for info.

SMT Initiatives:

  • Volunteer Trail Work Planning & Organization
  • Long-term Trail Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Partnerships
  • Communication
  • Trail Project Coordinators
  • Fundraising & Membership
  • Meeting Planning & Execution
  • ShinDig BBQ Organization
  • Volunteer Development, PR & Media
  • Financial