Salida Mountain Trails and Salida Ranger District US Forest Service Announce Seasonal Closure of Beasway Trail

A seasonal trail closure begins December 15 for all users on the 2.5-mile Beasway Trail. This portion of the Cottonwood Trail System Begins at the CR175 and FS181 Trailhead and runs 2.5 miles to the intersection of CR173. The Beasway Trail is closed due to wildlife concerns from December 15 – March 15.

Please respect this closure, as access to this trail and future trail access could depend upon how well this and similar other wildlife closures are followed! Note that only the Beasway Trail is closed. Rumba and Cottonwood Trails both technically remain open all year if conditions permit, as do CR 181 and CR 173. As always bike/hike when frozen or dry, and not muddy. Salida Mountain Trails partners with the Salida Ranger District US Forest Service to maintain this and other trails close to Salida within the San Isabel National Forest, and appreciates your cooperation.