ShinDig – Volunteer Trail Work Day – Saturday, August 12, 9am

Work will be starting on the new Rusty Lung Trail, which will partially align with the historic but defunct Sunset trail. Although most of the trail will be professionally built, there are a few projects that volunteers can work on this Saturday, to help stretch our trail building dollars. There are 2 armoring projects, rejuvenation of a section of original Sunset trail, and reclaiming of some old trail that will no longer be used. So come on out and dig in the dirt with us! See below for more background and history on the historic Sunset trail.

When and where: Meet this Saturday at 9am (sharp ready to go) at the water tank on Spiral Drive.  Please wear sturdy boots, long pants, weather appropriate clothing.  Bring gloves, water, and sun screen.  SMT will provide tools.  Lunch will be provided after the trail work at Mo Burrito. Many thanks to The Salida Bike Company and Mo Burrito for sponsoring lunch!!!!

Directions:  From Hwy 291 near the hospital, take CR175 across the Arkansas River and continue ½ mile.  Take a right onto CR176 and go ½ mile up to the water tank and park. Parking is limited, so please bike or carpool if possible. For any questions, contact

Background:   Salida Mountain Trails has hired Tony Boone Trails LLC to construct the next new section of trail on our Arkansas Hills Trail System. This project will resurrect a portion of the historic Sunset trail, one of the oldest (and currently defunct) sections of single track in our area, which ties back to the late 1980’s.  Although half of the original Sunset trail disappeared into private property, the other half is still accessible and will be reshaped into an interesting mix of sustainable new style & old-school trail. This trail will connect from Spiral Drive to the intersection of Backbone and Lil’ Rattler. The name of this new trail will be “Rusty Lung”, which is a nod to two of the original Salida mountain biking pioneers; Mike Rust and Don McClung. Local artist, Jack Chivvis, came up with the original name and also the new one. The specific work for this shindig will be to armor two short sections of new trail, and reclaim several sections of old trail that will no longer be used.

For further information and some historic articles/maps of the Sunset trail, click over to

Happy Trails!  SMT