Methodist Mountain is on the South side of town. It’s easily accessible by bike from downtown Salida.

Methodist Mountain is a really cool area that has been used by locals for many years. If you do The Rainbow Trail from Bear Creek you will end up above the Methodist Trail system.

Methodist Mountain riding is classic high mountain dessert through beautiful Pinon Trees. (Much of The Rainbow Trail is located on Methodist Mountain, but at a slightly higher elevation allowing for darker soil, Ponderosas, Aspens and snow in the off season).

Methodist Mountain’s “anchor trail” is the Little Rainbow. It’s mostly machine built so it is wide and wonderful. Ride or shuttle up to the CR110 trailhead. From here, ride over to Race Track and down, then back to town. If more time and legs, explore the Double Rainbow as an out and back before jumping on the Little Rainbow.

Check out the interactive map for more information about this wonderful area which has been developed for your hiking and riding pleasure.