Theft and Vandalism on Salida Mountain Trails

Hate to share some bad news, but we feel the need to get the word out on some vandalism and theft on our trail system.

Yesterday, we had our CR110 (Little Rainbow trail head) pay tube stolen… a day after it was repaired! Such a bummer… we’d much rather be building and maintaining trail rather than dealing with a theft! According to the best information we have, it was ripped out of the ground in broad daylight by a vehicle between 11:15am & 3:45pm July 28th. It is pretty unique looking.



If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office office at 539-2596 and refer to case #17001855. If you manage to spot it, please do not touch it (may taint any evidence) and try to get a GPS location to the Sheriff. You can also provide an anonymous tip to Chaffee County Crime Stoppers.

We’ve also had some or our signs vandalized and had maybe a dozen instances of this type thing over the past 2 years. Most all have been very near roads. There is no place for this in our awesome community! This one is on CR173 at the upper end of Litl Rattler and the Northern start of Backbone:

If you see something, please let us know or better yet, contact the Sheriff’s office. Since we have a thief in town, we would encourage you to make any donations online on our website rather than dropping money in our pay tubes. We can no longer guarantee their safety and security, poor little guys!

Thanks much!

Additional Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

August 12 Shindig! – Come help us build new trail! We will be working on old and new alignments of the historic Sunset Trail. Stay tuned for details.

Seeking Trail Stewards – SMT has recently instituted a Trail Steward Program to give folks an opportunity to help maintain the trail system even if they are unable to regularly attend shindigs. As a steward, you would work on your chosen trail at your convenience, keeping in its designed condition. SMT can arrange for a Shindig to correct larger problems. If you are interested please contact Indicate your level of experience (including none if you would like to get training) and what trail or segment you would like to adopt.

Seeking PR help – If you are good with social media, Facebook, and/or blogging, and you happen to have a little extra time to donate to your favorite trail system, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at