VOC Crew Leadership Training

SMT is recruiting new crew leaders to help with volunteers at our monthly ShinDigs.  We are looking for people who have at least some experience at trail building and who would be available for most of our ShinDigs.

An opportunity to receive quality training has arisen.  VOC will be hosting a Crew Leadership Training workshop on Saturday & Sunday, May 17th & 18th,  at the Salida Ranger District Office.

This two-day training will introduce the fundamentals of successfully volunteer crew management for the construction and maintenance of sustainable trails.  Through classroom sessions, field exercises and role-playing you’ll learn and practice construction and maintenance of sustainable trails, leadership strategies and techniques, tool use, and safety.  All trainees will receive a Crew Leader manual, a set of quick reference cards, and other materials that make for a successful crew leadership experience.  This workshop is best for individuals who have had experience working on trail projects or previous crew leadership experiences.

SMT will cover the cost of the workshop for those of you who will commit to helping us with our ShinDig volunteer days.  Please contact Larry Kovacic, 719-539-5372, lkovaci@bresnan.net, if you are interested in being sponsored or need more information.

Check out the VOC website, www.voc.org, if you just want to learn more about the workshop or other VOC events.