Your email comments to the BLM are needed!

SMT and BLMWe need your help and it is super easy, so bear with us for a quick explanation.  SMT has been working with the BLM over the past several months to propose approximately 12 miles of new trails to enhance both the Arkansas Hills and Methodist Mountain trail systems.  These proposed additions include connections between existing trails, adding trails that contribute to the diversity of experiences, and creating logical loops.  The first major step in this process is a public scoping period in which the BLM requests your comments.  Click here for the proposal info.

Providing your input and support is quick and easy.  Just email your comments to

Your comments can be as simple as “I support the proposal to add new trails to the Salida trail system”.  Of course, you can also provide additional and more detailed comments based on information in the proposal.  We encourage you to do so, but this is not mandatory.  Please also include your name and address in your email response.  You do not need to be a local resident to provide comments.

It is very important that the BLM receives a ton of support for these additional trails.  SMT has worked very hard to get to this point in the BLM’s long range planning process.  We last went through this process in the mid 2000’s and is the reason that our trail system exists today!  Please take the one minute to send an email in support of proposed new trails for the Salida trail system   The comment period ends on Feb 5, but if do this right now – you will most certainly have good trail karma for all of 2015!

Thanks for your help! SMT